A Pantheist’s address to the Almighty



A Pantheist’s address to the Almighty

I am often asked about You
what do I think of You
and whether I even believe that You exist
but I have humm’d and hah’d long enough:

When Baxter Montague, the British novelist
a professed atheist, a carouser and a heavy drinker
was questioned along these lines
he said, “it’s just that I hate Him, hate HIM!”

I understand, I get it
but an atheist?

For years I have struggled with a thought
in the Gnostic Gospel According to Thomas
in which Christ is reported as saying
that Your Kingdom, your Divine Rule
“is spread out upon the earth, only we do not see it”—

That is what I believe
and it is true that I do not see it
or I see it only occasionally and am filled with wonder—
it is a headless God I worship—
believing, as I do, in His Kingdom
but not in Him

When I die, if I am not in too much pain
I will have Plotinus in mind —
“Now I shall endeavor to make that which is divine in me
                         rise up to that which is divine in the Universe.”

Stuart Dodds

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