What is it about Meagan
and why do we like to remember her
the way we flocked to her counter
for morning coffee?

She would clap her hands
and point to the next customer
who spoke above the din
“Regular with room for cream!” they’d shout

A jug of cream stood on a wooden table near the door
with a jumble of other condiments
it was chaos

but Meagan could handle an undisciplined crowd—
often she would hold out her right hand
pointing with two fingers
as if she were holding a gun
and, if she liked you, she would “shoot” you

Then a chain took over with efficiency experts
and before long, there were aluminum stanchions
with velvet ropes—
so the customers could form an orderly line—
and other architectural changes

Meagan with her freckled face and blue eyes
and her boyish swagger is gone—
everyone is sad, we reminisce about her
and the coffee now…
let’s not talk about the coffee


Stuart Dodds


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