Moussia 31: More about Moussia’s and Vladimir’s ancestry before 1900

Before we go back to  Moussia and Alexander Borovsky and their daughter Natasha in the year 1925, I would like to present a pleasant surprise from my friend André Dzierzynski who has just found, between the papers of his grandmother Stanislawa (Sila-Nowicki) Dzierzynski, Moussia’s aunt, a treasure trove of photographs.

In order to fully understand the importance of this find, you may wish to reread articles 5, 7 and 9 of this series, which I shall modify in light of these photographs in the future.

This photo probably dates from 1877 or 1878. Left: a stalwart looking Eugenia Baranovsky, sister of Vladimir’s father Vsevolod and his uncles Vladimir and Lev. According to information I found on the Russian and Finnish Internet, she would have died in 1879, the same year her brother Vladimir was killed in an accident while testing a rapid firing cannon of his invention.
Right: Her husband Wladyslaw Sila-Nowicki, brother of Moussia’s father Wiktor. Moussia sometimes said that she had married her ‘cousin’Vladimir. The background for that statement must have been the marriage of this couple, Eugenia and Wladyslaw.

For comparison, we see here the same Wladyslaw Sila-Nowicki, who was a medical doctor, in 1876. This picture was sent by Moussia to her daughter Natasha Borovsky in California after the Second World War.

On this photo, dated 1898, we see Eugenia Baranovsky and her husband Wladyslaw Sila-Nowicki again. So she did not die in 1879 ! But she has lost her right arm. Maybe she was indeed present at the explosion which killed her brother Vladimir. I do not yet know the name of their daughter, who appears to be about ten years old.

This is the oldest couple I know in the Baranovsky family, Stepan and Sofia Witte von Wittenheim, Vladimir’s grandparents. The photograph was taken in 1845. I found the same photo on the Russian Internet and published it in article 9. Now, André Dzierzynski found one of the original prints!

Pater familias Wiktor-Franciszek Sila-Nowicki, grandfather of Moussia
(February 23, 1813 – December 14, 1910), photo dated 1887, when he was 74.

Last but not least: Wiktor Sila-Nowicki, Moussia’s father (July 22 1854 – March 1917), photo taken in 1883, twelve years before Moussia’s birth

(to be continued)

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